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Profile pic - laura portHi, I’m Laura,

Eclectic and eccentric vintage queen and owner of Vintage Little Fairy Shop! I’ve loved anything and everything vintage since I was a teenager, and I’ve spent the past 10 years or so cultivating my own style with vintage clothing, and sourcing some of the most colourful and eye-catching pieces for my shop. 

There is something so special about vintage clothing; the patterns, the vibrancy, the fit, the colour palette, the effortless style and the stories that are woven into every piece. I think that’s what I love most about vintage - the ability to travel through time in someone else’s shoes, imagining what life was like the first time the item was worn, and giving it a new lease of life today. That’s in essence what my shop is about. It’s about finding those vintage gems that evoke the most exciting stories and tales of yesteryear and being able to wear and love them again.
I predominantly sell vintage womenswear, accessories and jewellery, with a sprinkling of homeware and menswear too. I try to source items that are as inclusive as possible and cater to all interests and sizes, and one of my specialities is plus size vintage fashion.
If you’re looking for your next vintage piece to fall in love with, Vintage Little Fairy Shop is the place to find it! 
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Vintage Little Fairy will be debuting her shop on the First Floor of Betterdaze alongside our Vintage Book shop.

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