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Middlesbrough Town Hall 

Middlesborough Record Fair 2018

Betterdaze Record Fairs feature the best dealers in good quality vinyl and CDs, with no counterfeit or bootleg material on any format.

Northallerton Mini-Fair

Our next event is on Saturday 25th May in our Northallerton showroom with five of the best local vinyl dealers from this area, including Mike Wallbank, Howard Church (from RPM Records Wingate), Geoff Wallin and a visit from Mike Reeve, a guest dealer from Lincolnshire plus one other dealer to be confirmed. free entry from 9.30am   

Middlesbrough Town Hall Record Fair 

Next event - Saturday 20th July 

Northallerton Mini-Fairs

In 2018 we introduced a series of small Record Fairs in our Showroom area within the main shop with five regular dealers who stood at both our Middlesbrough and Northallerton fairs. These proved popular with dealers and customers so we'll continue them in 2019.

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Contact Gary for stall details - Tel: 07852 419937

Please contact us for info on further events.