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Bride Juke BoxWe have provided Juke Box entertainment at many of the North’s top venues and for individual private parties over the past twentyyears by working with customers to create their perfect selection of music for all types of parties, all on the original format of 7” vinyl records, on a classic Juke Box. Hours of great music; YOUR music!

A popular element of our Wedding Juke Box service is to prepare a personal list of dedicated songs to members of your 'top table' who deserve special mention. For example, dedicate a song to - The bride & groom, the best man, chief bridesmaid, parents of the bride, parents of the groom, ushers, etc. Tell us the date your parents were married and we'll provide the No.1 single on that day against a personal dedication.

We write individual dedications against that person's name under the song title:


"To Helen, the best Chief Bridesmaid, with thanks"

Choosing quality, individual musical entertainment for your party is as easy as one, two, three...


Step one - Choose from our great selection of classic Juke Box models

Step two - Invite your guests, friends and family to select their favourite songs from the past fifty years – Anything from Andy Williams to Robbie Williams! (plus individual dedications for special songs)

Step three - Enjoy all day and night entertainment on your Juke Box, featuring the music chosen by you and your guests

Wedding Juke Box

Choose your own music or let us help

We have too many records to circulate lists - over 30,000 singles - so the choice is all yours! We have virtually all UK chart releases from the 1950's through to the mid 1990's, when vinyl releases were limited. We do have a list of all available releases from 1995 to present, which is regularly updated as new releases become available.

Don't have time to compile a list? Too many to choose from? Don't worry - have a chat with us with a few suggestions of your favourite types of music (1960s, 1970s, Soul, Disco) and we'll do the rest. Many of our customers have enjoyed successful parties by relying on us to put together a great mixture of music. We can lend copies of the Guinness Book of Hit Singles to inspire your imagination and to help you to compile your list.