Wedding DJ Header


  • Plays at set volume, often too loud for some guests
  • Starts at fixed time and often ends at the very time when the party is at its peak
  • Will not accept prior play-lists
  • Will not have all requests
  • Will often be a factor in older guests deciding to leave early

Betterdaze Juke Box:

  • Plays at the volume you prefer and can be adjusted accordingly or even turned off
  • Is available all day and night and only stops when you pull the plug out! No restriction on time
  • Plays only those songs you and your guests have asked for in advance and in the order you want
  • Your play-list will include songs requested by every age group therefore everyone will want to stay and listen  to the music!
  • Your Juke Box package can include the optional extras provided by a disco – lighting, fog machine, bubble machine and microphone

In addition, with a Juke Box you have a beautifully crafted piece of nostalgia, an actual icon of music history, personally tailored to your needs.