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We remember...

 ...A time before ebay, a time when, if you needed a guitar you’d go to the local music shop or, even better, the local second-hand shop. Cheaper than new, vintage before we even knew what vintage was and before retro was even a thing.
Stuff you’d never seen before, maybe just seen pictures of it, read about it, or maybe just what you’d been hunting for.
Stuff with valves, tolex, funny looking knobs, whammy bars and curly leads.

That’s what the Guitar Exchange is all about.

Come and have a look, have a play, have a listen. If there’s something you can’t live without you can buy it, or trade for it. Or if there’s something you need to break up with you could sell it to us, or we’ll sell it for you (for a small commission).
We only do pre-owned guitars. Good ones. Not expensive, but good. And amps and accessories. And whatever.
You can come anytime and have a look but Saturdays are best, 10 til 2 when like-minded souls might gather.

Betterdaze Guitar Exchange

Buy - Trade - Sell

Betterdaze has, for ten years, helped bring back the local record shop. Let’s bring back a taste of the local second-hand guitar shop, too!
The Guitar Exchange is the fruit of almost 50 years of playing, owning, buying, selling and swapping guitars by Mike Wallbank (also avid record collector, Betterdaze customer and helper (aka 'that acoustic bloke'). A stall within a shop within an obsession.
Come and have a look. And tell your friends (but maybe only after you’ve had the first pick!)


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