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Middlesbrough Town Hall 

Our Record Fairs feature the best dealers in good quality vinyl and CDs, with no counterfeit or bootleg material on any format.

After a two year refurbishment programme with no events, we've been invited to reinstate the long-standing Record Fair at Middlesbrough Town Hall, with three Fairs booked for 2018 and four for 2019.

2018 Fairs:

Saturday 30th June

(Our opening event will be held in the newly refurbished Crypt due to high demand from dealers)  

Saturday 22nd September 

PLUS a big Christmas Fair on Saturday 29th December

(Contact Gary for table rates)


Northallerton Mini-Fair

We'll be hosting our second mini-fair at our Vintage Showroom within the main Northalleton Record Shop on Saturday 31st March (Easter Weekend) from 10am. 

Five regular dealers from the town hall fair with a good selectiopn of vinyl; Mike Wallbank, Mark Wilcox, Howard Church, Geoff Wallin and Mike Reeve 


Contact Gary for stall details - Tel: 07852 419937

Please contact us for info on further events.