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Original JUKE BOX hire for parties, weddings or any event where good music is a necessity

  • You and friends and guests your choose ALL the music
  • You adjust the volume accordingly
  • You have the JUKE BOX "All day and all of the night"

We go to great lengths to compile a play list of songs which are special and memorable to you and your guests. Up to 200 different original songs on the original 7" single vinyl format, all chosen in advance, listed and titled on your Juke Box, with individual dedications against particular songs, where requested.

Treat your guests to their choice of music for your party

Getting Married?

Are you planning your daytime and evening entertainment with as much care and attention to detail as the rest of your day..........or are you having a DJ??

Don't forget, a DJ will probably not be able to prepare and present the music for your evening the way we can, nor will they have access to our extensive collection of music.

It is a fact within the Wedding Service business that, often disproportionately less thought goes into planning the evening entertainment, with clients often going with the venue's DJ for convenience. You choose your clothes, your food, flowers and transport but then let someone else tell you what to listen and dance to?

Think about it - twice as many people attend the evening event but only half as much effort goes into planning it!

Also, unfamiliar music is major factor in older guests leaving early.

With a BETTERDAZE Juke Box we provide music for ALL your guests, all day and night.

When was the last time you were asked what music you would like to listen to before a party?

Click on 'Wedding DJ or Juke Box' on the menu (left) for examples

Music as it was meant to be heard - on original 7" vinyl - on a Classic Juke Box

We have a unique range of the classic Wurlitzer 1015 reproduction Juke Box (pictured here) – the only models available for individual hire in the north of England. With the largest collection of 7” vinyl records in the north - with stock currently standing at 30,000 singles - and over 30 years of experience collecting and dealing in vinyl records and Juke Boxes from all over the world, BETTERDAZE offers an unrivalled musical and nostalgic experience, coupled with an established record of over 20 years excellent customer service, supported by dozens of repeat bookings across the UK.

We work with you to compile a list of your favourite music, chosen in advance by you, your friends, guests and family. Whilst we specialise in the oldies (1950's to 1990's) we can offer a selection of vinyl releases from the period from 1995 to present, depending on whether a song was released on the 7" vinyl format.

Original vinyl or digital Juke Box?

The fact is that a digital Juke Box company will provide numerous CD albums, the majority of tracks on which you probably won't be familiar with and with no facility to select individual songs or to write dedications. In a nutshell, not personal at all!

There is a reason we are the only company in the UK providing this original Juke Box service.


Record Shop & Juke Box Showroom

Our shop is spread over two floors with a spacious retro styled Juke Box showroom and Record Shop on the ground floor with a 'Bargain Attic' upstairs packed with hundreds of LPs at £1 and thousands of 7" and 12" singles at 50p,  plus books, song sheets, magazines, posters and modern and vintage Hi-Fi.

In our ground floor showroom you'll find six different NSM Juke Box models, plus our classic party hire Juke Box model available for demonstration. Check out the Shop page for details of opening hours and further information.

Betterdaze Shop front 2017

Betterdaze Record Shop Interior